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Products - fire Tek
Firing modules

Firing modules from fireTEK literally ensures firing capability by monitoring in real time the current that passes through the igniters for fully automated firing pulse duration.

Our safe and fully automated real time tests require no user intervention. Any errors found are displayed on one screen as soon as they occur.

Bi-directional wired and/or highly secured wireless mesh network with a range of up to 30 Km (18 miles) using hops or more then 3 Km (2 miles) Line of Sight (tested).

You can fire any cue, from any firing module, at any time you want, with 1ms steps. With GPS module built-in you have the highest accuracy from this industry: 10ns.

Our FTH-48S firing modules are fully waterproof even with the lid open and with no dust caps on the connectors. In addition, we use military grade connectors so they have a longer life span.

fireTEK gives you the possibility to split the system in whatever way you might require to manage different displays, without the need of a special controller or a computer at each firing site.

The system can be controlled wireless and/or wired using: Time code, Time trigger, Front panel buttons, Compact remote, Computer, Smartphone, External trigger or combine of any of above.

The operator has the flexibility to easily fire unlimited number of channels in the following modes: Manual, Stepper , Sequence or Automatic scripts or all concurrently with or without music.

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fireTek Firing System Technical Specifications FTH-48S Firing module FTH-48E Firing module FTM-99S  Handled controller
No. of cues 48 independent cues distributed on 4 rails (4 rails x 12 cues per rail) YES YES N/A
Configuration Master or Slave or Independent or either of the three with GPS assist. YES YES YES**
Control Wireless and/or wired control up to 99 FTH-48 firing modules (4.752 independent cues) or use GPS for sync unlimited number of cues without direct connection. YES*** YES*** YES
Firing methods Manual, Sequence or Automatic scripts or all concurrently with or without music. Also can be used as Stepper (Manual firing of pre-programmed scripts/ sequences). YES YES N/A
Synchronization methods PerfectSYNC by GPS, TimeCodeSYNC by internal LTC decoder, AudioSYNC by audio player (from FTM-99 Remote or computer), ScriptSYNC by wired and/or Wireless. Combination of any of above. YES YES YES
Firing power Fully automated fire pulse duration with real-time current monitoring trough igniter during firing. Up to 30V with 50A peak and 10A constant. Fire up to 30 e-matches in series or up to 15 in parallel in less than 10ms. Combined: up to 450 cues/channel YES Depends on the power supply N/A
GPS High sensitivity, with timing accuracy up to ±10 ns (±0.00000001 second) YES YES YES
Wireless* 2.4GHz highly secured mesh network with reliable range up to 30 km (18 miles) with hops and up to 3 km (2 miles) Line-of-Sight (without hops) YES YES YES
Bluetooth* For smartphone control/status check with range up to 30m (100 feet) LoS; YES YES N/A
Small remote* 433/315 MHz with range up to up to 100 m (300 feet) LoS for small shows control. YES N/A N/A
2-wire 2 wire CAN bus connection up to (3 km) 1.8 miles range YES N/A YES
External Trigger External trigger: impulse 10V to maxim 35V with minim 1A for at least 10ms YES YES N/A
Time Code Internal SMPTE LTC time decoder with RCA connector input YES YES 3.5mm Jack input
USB USB connection for PC operate, save scripts and easy firmware update YES YES YES
Memory Internal memory for saving scripts local YES YES N/A
Keys 2 illuminated buttons and Key switch with Test/Arm positions Metal, waterproof YES 25 buttons
Display Graphic 2.6″ LCD (128 x 64 pixels) with backlight YES YES YES
Battery Internal rechargeable 26V lithium-ion 3,000 mAh battery for up to 48 hours stand-by time YES N/A Lipo 3.7V 4000 mAh
External Power External power: 12V to 30V. Recommended Lead acid battery 12 or 24V at least 2Ah YES Minim 24V YES 5V on USB
Build (FTH-48S) Pelicase® 1150, waterproof, crushproof, dust proof even with lid open YES N/A N/A
Build Built in a small plastic case, water resistant N/A YES YES
Temperature Operating temperature: -40 to +60 °C YES YES YES
Audio Internal Audio (mp3 + wav) player with Internal memory and USB connector N/A N/A YES
Deadman Deadman switch connector with sequence trigger N/A N/A YES

* CE, FCC and IC certified
** Master or slave as audiobox controlled by other master or computer.
***Can be controlled by: Buttons on it, Small wireless remote(only FTH-48S), Time code, Smartphone via Bluetooth, Time trigger using GPS, External trigger, Computer via USB, Slave connected wired/wireless on another FTH-48 module.

David DeSafey - (English)

In this video we do a brief review of the FireTEK Fireworks Firing System. The system originates out of Romania and ships worldwide.

Waterproof rails

The first part of this video shows the use of rails in extreme wet conditions followed by a demonstration where the module is firing a scripted display yet still allowing you to manually fire other rails and ports that are not part of the scripted display.

The second part shows that the module not only floats in water but also how well it is protected against water should you have to open the module in the field.

Osvaldo Avalos - Atomic Fireworks Mexico (Spanish)

Video con demostracion en vivo donde se demuestra la velocidad de disparo y precisión del equipo FireTEK con el diseño de las fanfarrias de fondo.

FTM-99s in Audio Playback mode

The FireTEK FTM-99s remote also includes a built in audio player. So not only will it start playing an audio file after arming and pressing play. You can also set the FTM-99s to be a remote audio device which may be situated with a sound system several hundred meters away where there is no direct audio cable access.

Tutorial para activar con tu Dispositivo Android

Este es el Tutorial que muestra cómo usar la función de Bluetooth en el equipo de disparo FireTEK y activarlos desde tu celular o tableta con sistema operativo Android.
Es una manera más que muestra la versatilidad del Equipo.

FTH-48S module LEDs Indicators

With the module closed up against the elements, the video shows you what lights are viewable from the outside and what the colours mean.

Osvaldo Avalos - Atomic Fireworks Mexico (Spanish)

Prueba hecha con el script del diseño de las fanfarrias.

St.Leonard Kirkop PyroMusical Show 2015

A synchronized pyromusical... Overture: Morning, Noon and Night in Vienna - Frans Von Suppé - controlled using the fireTEK firing system - for the feast of St.Leonard 2015 in Kirkop.