fireTEK, the firing system that works for you.

The minds behind fireTEK firing systems are engineering and fireworks professionals who have come together with one intention: to design and build a uniquely capable firing system from scratch. Established in 2009, fireTEK has dedicated itself to changing the way amateur and professional pyrotechnicians interact with their firing systems.

Currently, fireTEK is being used worldwide by a host of firework enthusiasts and professionals. It has received accolades not only for being safe, but also for being intelligent and easy to operate. Packed full of innovative features, fireTEK is certain to bring peace of mind to anyone using it regardless of the pyrotechnic project being prepared.

Our fireTEK firing system is a continual work in progress. From firmware updates to hardware additions, we are constantly and continually striving to improve the capabilities of our firing system. Our underlying goal is always to keep fireTEK state-of-the-art in this ever-changing, rapidly evolving market.