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    Worry free firing

    As we all know, human error is generally the primary reason that fireworks displays fail, or worse, human lives are lost. With fireTEK, advanced tests and settings are automatically made in all processes involved, from setup to field testing and firing, trying to eliminate human errors. All the errors found are displayed in one screen soon after they occur, in an easy and intuitive manner that any user can understand. In this way we prevent unintentional fire and we ensure intentional one.

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    Maximum flexibility

    Most of the fireworks display company’s projects are small to medium sized, mostly taking place at the same time but in different locations. To improve the overall value to our customer’s, we designed a system with only two different main components to cover all displays types - no matter how big or how small the display might be. For simultaneous multiple displays, the user can configure all firing modules either as Independent, Master or Slave and control them in different modes.

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    Perfect Synchronization

    It is nowadays becoming more and more important to achieve the highest accuracy for an increasing number of channels synchronized, with or without music. Built-in GPS in all firing modules and handheld controller will correct communication latency and crystal errors and give you possibility to perfectly synchronize unlimited number of modules even with no communication among them. With TimeCode input available on all modules you can have a display perfectly synchronized with the music.

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Main Features

fireTEK literally ensures firing capability by monitoring in real time the current that passes through the igniters for fully automated firing pulse duration.

To avoid human errors, safe and fully automated real time tests require no user intervention. Any errors found are displayed on one screen as soon as they occur.

Bi-directional wired and/or highly secured wireless mesh network with a range of up to 30 Km (18 miles) using hops or more then 3 Km (2 miles) Line of Sight (tested).

You can fire any cue, from any firing module, at any time you want, with 1ms steps. With GPS module built-in you have the highest accuracy from this industry: 10ns.

What Our Customers Say
Walton K.

"Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all easy to use! I am completely blown away. It's exactly what I've been looking for."

Deeann Z.

"Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with the results. Thanks fireTEK!"

Tuck Y.

"You guys rock! FireTEK is great. FireTEK was the best investment I ever made."